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Re: Zymol

Perhaps you meant Lusso Oro?  I got the same story when I 
bought it.  I wanted a wax I could use on both Audis - pearl 
white and bright red, with Zymol I would have had to buy two 
jars :-(   Haven't actually used it yet - anyone else have 
any experience with it?

> I have not been paying much attention to the Zymol talks but here
> is my .02.  Two of my friends have been detailing for years.  One
> always used Zymol.  A few years ago the chenists from Zymol quit
> and formed there own company and released a product almost
> exactly the same.  Right now I can't remenber the name but it
> comes in the same shaped packaging with the same coconut smell.
> The line has a HD clense equivilent and by my friends account
> works better than Zymol as a whole.  If this intersts anybody