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Re: Tidbits F/S

Chris, you bought ANOTHER Audi....trying to keep up with the twins?  
would any of this stuff be stuff that they may need someday?

On Thu, 22 Aug 1996 Autobahn01@aol.com wrote:

> I'm trying to dispose of some leftover bits and pieces from various sources.
> All will go cheap...
> P/S pump from 4000q
> rear axles from 5000tq/w ABS
> rear hubs from 5000tq/w ABS
> rear diff from 5000TQ
> rear tie rods from 5000TQ
> auto trans from 1980 5000T, ran when removed.
> P/S rack from 1980 5000T
> P/S pump from 1980 5000T
> trunk lid from 84 4000q(2)
> trunk lid from 87 4000q(2)
> kinda beat up 4000q rims 14x6 OEM
> JT code 4000q motor-complete-was running two weeks ago.
> rear doors from 86 4000q
> back glass from 4000q
> cyl head for JT motor
> exhaust manifold for JT motor(2)
> downpipe for JT motor(2)
> cat-back exhaust system from 80 5000T, used, but in decent shape.
> Delivery Avail in NE.
> This is a shameless fund raising effort on my part, but at least it's for a
> good cause, as my second TQC is arriving this Sat! (thanks Mike!)