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Lime Rock Event(rather long).....

Hi All,
    Just got back from my first track event at LRP. I must say it was as
much fun as I have had with my pants on.:-) Steve Early and his gang did
a great job putting on the event.

   Arrived at around 10:00AM, there were about 10 cars there already(3
200's 4 5ktq's 2 Ur-Q's a neon and me('91 200q)). Pulled in to the
outfield and commenced to shoot the bull with everyone there. Cars
started rolling in at a steady rate the rest of the day. I took a couple
of rolls of film. Will see about having the neg's put on CD rom. Sorry
about your turbo being taken out of your S2 Bob.;-). Only 2 A4's at the
event. Definitely the rarest Audi bird there. The rest of sunday was
filled with tech and concourse voting, of which I did not participate.
Hate beauty contests. The best part of sunday was the track walk. The
uphill after the no-name straight was intimitating to walk on, with the
guardrail about 8 ft. off to the left. As was the downhill right before
the mainstraight. The instructors leading the group did a good job
explaining the correct line.


Started the day with a meeting prior to any track time. Followed by 90
minutes in the infield at the slalom, skid pad and lane toss. I started
in the slalom along with about 15 other cars. It was basically an oval
with cones place on the back straight about 50 ft. apart. This helped me
find the corners of my 200. Only mashed one cone( the last one due to
turning in late about 2 cones before), I guess I should have aborted the
last one, but I didn't.:-)

The skidpad was up next. Got to see all different cars do 360's while
trying to correct oversteer. The skidpad is I believe a 200' diameter
with sprinkler system. Pretty cool. But not much different then the
idustrial park after a good snow storm. Had fun nonetheless. Watching
the instructor straining with my E-brake to try to loop me. Finally he
asks me to drop throttle so he can, didn't say anything about planting
the right foot with arms all crossed up to catch it though. What fun!
 Went over to the lane toss next but the line was long, still so I went
back to the slalom that was vacant, and got in about 35 laps before it
was time to stage for the first track session.

Staged for the first session at 11:00AM. Instructors drive your car
first( for us virgins) for 2 laps to show you the line. Then its in the
pits to swap places. Problem #1, no head room in a 200q with a helmet on
your melon. Spent 2 days with my head tilted to the right and up against
the headliner. Problem #2, not following the Idiot in front of you as
they turn in for the only left hander on the circuit early. Took me a
couple of laps and a couple of jokes about it from my instructor to cure
me of that evil. Problem #3, with passing only on the main straight(
signalled first of course) and 20 newbies on the track a train was
continually forming on the track.  Pulled into the pits at the requesite
20MPH stopped and waited a few moments, and went back out. Only to catch
back up on the no name straight. Oh well.Did have a moment following a
blue S6 up the hill, he put a wheel off going up and fortunately
collected it up as I was less than a car length behind him. I
fortunately was able to lift without much drama and avoid a potential
mess. So, whoever you are, nice save. 

In the second session I staged first so that I may have a little free
running room prior to catching anyone up. Unfortunately not everyone was
able to get out during my first lap(at reduced speed) so I was right at
the end of a new train that was forming. I was able to pass a couple of
aware cars in the early laps. But there's always one that holds everyone
up and doesn't get the hint to wave people past or pull down the pit
road. But I did get to learn the line at speed, which was nice. (for a
couple of laps anyway. Third session of the day was alot better, must
have started with the slower cars right behind me. Because I didn't have
to wait long when I caught someone. Right at the bottom of the hill I
was given the signal to pass. I was not caught in the back part of the
track by the lighter cars like I thought I would. But was caught down
the straight by an '89 200Q 10V with TAP chip,exhaust, and K$N filter.
But I caught his non-UFO car right back up under braking and through the
esses. I did get a ride in a '91 200Q with the hoppen chip. Instructor
car. saw 120 down the straight everytime and braking at about the 700
ft. mark(100 ft before the 6) couldhave seen more but he wasn't pushing
it off the downhill. At track out he was seeing 4200 in 4th. I was
seeing 4700 in 4th but could not get over 110MPH by the 500' marker.
Will research the chip thing more later. Talked to Ivor, he's a little
on the arrogant side. But wont get into that here.

Got a couple more rides in instructors cars, mine had a Jetta GLI and
was hustling in the esses the way the lighter cdars should have been
doing it. Very enlightening. 


My instructor talked to the powers that be and got me moved into the
white group. In the first session out I found that I had to relearn the
track. Much different when you don't have to lift for the slower cars.
tried a couple of different lines through big bend and found the double
apex to be the fastest way through and onto the esses. Also that a late
apex going up the hill is faster. Riding the edge of the asphalt coming
down the hill ( there's about an extra foot and a half outside the line
on the run down the hill(use it) increased my trackout to 4700 on the
main straight in 4th. Did turn in a little early once and put 1/2 a
wheel off on the main straight, which aside from making a little dust
cloud caused no drama. 

Lot's of faster cars in this group.Modified Ur-Q's S6's and S6 wagon a
V8 3 200Q's .I think I let about 4 cars pass during one session.
Unfortunately 5 decided to go by. The TAP chipped '89 200Q. The v8 was a
little slower in the back section of the track so I was caught up bhy a
couple of UR-Qs .So rather than pass the V8 and make everono wait
another lap I gave each car a signal as I lifted down the straight. Well
after 3 go by I still have 2 back there. But at the same time I am
getting close to the braking area. So I don't give any more signals.
Well Mr. TAP chip flasshes his lights aS HE DECIDES TO PASS ME ANYWAY.
At least the guy behind him had the presence of mind to not pass. Next
time around we are given the checkered and come into the pits. The club
officials were on the ball and pulled him to the left side of the pits
to have a chat. Other than the one A**H*LE I did have a great time. I am
also looking forward to the next event I can attend. Steve Early said
maybe to a winter/snow/ice event. E-mail him and keep watering the seed.
smearley@aol.com. He is the NE region HMFIC.:-)



1991 200Q 
1995 LHS ( wish it were an AUDI)
1985 4000SQ ( for sale soon) (maybe)