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91 200 (non q) fer sale - Orlando

These things keep popping up all over!  The pearl 89 is sold...

This one is a 91 200 (10V turbo), spoked Audi mags, 71K, perfect grey
leather interior, alarm, I believe the color is Lago Blue (deep blue
mettallic), Delta/Bose, Automatic. $8800.00        No accident, exterior
minor scratches, no dents.
Will need a press accumulator soon (brake light rapidly on/off w/braking),
plus the Auto-check system has lines across it after startup.

I may try to find a way to get this one...

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                       EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCSTQ 176K miles and counting... 1.9 bar boost - Whee!
                                              Maitland, Florida