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Re: Rallye Golf/QL stickers

They've started importing Rallye Golfs used from Germany here in Holland,
asking prices seem to be about equiv. $15k. I've seen a couple, and they
look very nice. Lotsa expensive parts of the 'special order from Germany'
sort. If you want one, you can buy it in Germany yourself, have it shipped
back and still have change from $20k. This gives you the opportunity of a
nice holiday in Germany, visiting Wolfsburg and/or Neckarsulm/Ingolstadt...
and the cance to hire a fantastic car and let it rip on some of the best
roads in the world, and without a speed limit into the bargain. Hmmm... But
you'd still have a car you can't use on the road...
Mandatory Audi content: along with Golfs, they've started to import
interesting used Audis from Germany as well. They're much cheaper in
Germany due to no new car tax (about 30% here)

1988 80 1.8S FWD

PS I vote for the static window sticker type as well, and would very much
like a clear one. Muck like the dealer stickers they use here.
todd candey <tcandey@wwa.com> wrote:

David Robbins wrote:
> At 11:54 PM 8/21/96 -0400, you wrote:
> >Can't help you in the Audi department, but there's a VW Rallye Golf for
> >sale in Vermont.
> So, how much is he asking????
> -DMR.

I've seen this ad, on "Ben's Rally Page" I believe.

Asking price is $55k.


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