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Mr. Lawton/QCUSA

> But suffice it to say Mr. Lawton,
> Fletcher et. al. that Jeff has been more than open to suggestions on not only
> how to make QUSA better, but to also put his experience where his mouth is,
> albeit he WANTS to understand what the QUSA stand IS before putting/shutting
> up.  
Scott, you are too kind by far, to the old kumquat.  You have said it eloquently
and to the point.  I stand beside you, and join you in saluting our brother,
Jeff, not only for his amply demonstrated committment to improving the QCUASA,
but for his many invaluable contributions to this list, ever since I joined it 
three years ago or more.

I must come to the defence of Mr. Lawton. I've met him and he is one hell of a nice guy. I belive that his response to Jeff might have been a little out of line, but then his response was also taken far to seriously. It is possible that he is/was not aware of all the financial shenanigans and BS that National QCUSA has been pulled in the past and that his response to Jeff was based on the most excellent LRP event that the NERQC just completed. Let's cut him some slack guys.....