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Re: My letter to QCUSA...

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> BTW let's see the balance sheet for your event,...

As soon as it's available, I'll post it to the list.

Boy, did I catch alot of crap for a small note that
I didn't even think was a flame of Jeff. I am not
anti-Jeff, and I understand that QCUSA national has
been a real problem in the past. All I meant was:

The club is changing, with regions taking over much
more responsibility.

As one of the charter members of NERQCUSA, I am 
actively trying to build a strong region, and
run more and better events locally.

Let us move forward, and make this new region-based
club effective. It is so much more fun than hashing
and re-hashing, and re-hashing.

Glenn Lawton