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Hi Folks,

 Thanks to all that responded to my ESCORT 4600 question.  I have decided   
on the Uniden SWS
though.  This little baby has tested a hair's length away from the   
$199-$299 Bels, beat the Valentine in Automobile's test (and the Escort   
by a considerable margin), and usually comes up first (C&D) or seconfd in   
every test I've seen.  It's got all the toys including VG-2 invis, 360   
degree laser, and very decent K and Ka sensitivity without many falses on   
X either.  The best part? $99 bucks at Sharper Image with a 60 day return   
policy.  Wish me luck and thanks again.

   Paul Royal
   90 90Q20v Cross country bound in (count 'em) 5 days!