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Re: V12? Why not V10 twin-turbo? (fwd) (fwd) (fwd) (gesundheit!)

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Barton P. Chambers wrote:

> > 928 engine weight
> > -------------------
> > 1978-79			573 pounds
> > 80-81-82		540 pounds
> > 83S			574 pounds
> > 84S			574 pounds
> > 
> > All weights are dry, according to the Engine manual, pages 0.3-0.15.

> PS - OK Eliot, I showed you mine, now lessee yours - he said with a huge grin
> as he ambled off into the darkening ether...

i believe another poster has already posted the numbers which do sound
correct. block alone weighs 60 pounds, entire engine (with fluids?)
weigh 400 pounds.  i have a tech manual somewhere that i have
misplaced, so i don't know exactly 400 what pounds... in any case,
that's quite a bit less than the porker, so i think we have
confirmation.  sorry if i sound evasive, i am swamped at work, so
i can't do the usual digging through my car stuff...