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Re: Air temp sensors

   Well, I have started driving the ur-quattro again. Thanks to some

Hmph! 'Bout time . . .

   tips from Mr. PDQSHIP, I dialed in the O2 frequency valve duty
   cycle and the engine idle speed. Now it seems to run fine. Since

I'm curious what this means "dialed in the O2 ..."

   So I hit a local shop and pick up an air temp sensor from a mashed
   87 5000 turbo. The wires are soldered on, so I snip them close to the
   way of joining two metals into one for maximum electrical conductivity
   (possibly even better than a crimp connection)?

   Let me know how you 'netsters unsolder these wires.

Sounds like they're silver-soldered on? You'll need a hot torch (no,
not an oxy-acetylene one, that's *too* hot, propane should do...) to
get that sucker loose! The tricky part is in not melting everything

Or just solder to the soldered wire itself, if it's truly that firmly
affixed! (Use heat shrink tubing afterwards to [slide it on the wire
*first* before soldering] help cover/protect the joint.)