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latest news on new audi models (A7, A3)

from CAR, sept 96..

a new audi model, tentatively called the A7, will be offered soon,
to be powered exclusively by 5 valve V8 engines.  the original plan
was to use the a8's aluminium spaceframe but the cost had brought
it down to using the A6's steel body.  planned introduction in
europe is late 1998.

from the sounds of it, audi is doing a 100/200 deal on the A6,
with the more powerful and luxurious models being called the A7.

engines are (all V8s with 5V heads): 3.7 liter 250 bhp, 4.2 liter 310 bhp
and a more powerful 340 bhp version of the 4.2 for the S7.  transmission
is 5 speed tiptronic for the A7 and 6 speed manual for the S7.

audi is also working on a V8 TDI (yup, turbo direct injection) diesel
that will make 220 bhp from 3.3 liters.

also reviewed in this issue is the golf based A3 1.8t and the A3 TDI.
the TDI got a better review because they really do think highly of
the TDI engine, but the 1.8t got a pretty bad review.  it appears
that it too, is cynically conceived by marketing types like the
318ti with little substance to back up the name.

looks like the A4 1.8t is worth saving up for.

remember, you heard about the A7/S7 here first!!