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Re: Opinions on ski racks...

> I was shopping around last fall. The cost of the Thule system was more than the
> Yakima. Furthermore, those coffin ski holders seemed very flimsy to me. They
> were made of some type of fiberglass, but the construction seemed weak.
> Besides, the price on those coffins is incredible. IMHO stick with the
> traditional ski rack, and shop between Thule and Yakima.. they seem to be the
> two most quality brands. This time of year, you might be able to find some nice
> close outs at your local ski shops as they make room for new inventory. > 

I agree the coffins cost more....they are not as flimsy as they 
appear.....have you looked at fiberglass race car body panels lately? 
Same stuff.....and the investment they save is the skis....road salt is 
horrendous on skis and shortens the life of the bindings as well.....but 
you are right....they are outrageously priced....as for looking funny?  
Would you look funny if you were a professional using long thongs for 
safety straps?  No.....skiing, unfortunately, has taken on the rich man's 
"I gotta have everything match"  idea as opposed to being truly 
functional and cost effective......as in auto racing....if it doesn't 
run, who the hell cares what it looks like?  (BTW, I'll be the first to 
admit we don't have a coffin yet....but when we go....we use the 
functional ski bag in the 5000 to keep the skis inside and protected....