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Espionage (& wiper fuses)

>From the BBC's Teletext service:

  P166  CEEFAX 166  Sun 25 Aug  09:49/08
 German car-maker Volkswagen is stepping
 up security after a hidden camera was  
 found at a test track for new models.  
 The camera was triggered by infra-red  
 light and the photos were transmitted  
 by satellite to an unknown destination.
 Photos of four new models - including  
 the new Passat due to be unveiled on   
 Tuesday - were published in magazines. 
 A company spokesman said a new security
 chief had been hired to find those     
 responsible for the espionage.         
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Wonderful.  OK - own up!  Who was it?

And my research into wiper motor fuses is proving interesting.  In the early 
1980s, Audi was routinely fusing _front_ wiper motors (bigger blades, and two 
of them) at 8 amps.  This was changed to 10 amps in the mid-1980s, and the most 
recent diagrams I have here (from 1992) sometimes specify 25 (!) amps on a 1.0 
mm circuit.

The first rear wiper diagram I can find is for an early ur-quattro, and it has 
a separate in-line fuse for the motor with no capacity given.  When that 
circuit was incorporated into the wiring loom, it got a 30 amp (!!!) fuse on a 
1.0 mm circuit.

(No, I am neither blind, stupid nor playing a joke.  Audi schematic is 
000.5755.54.00, track 3, S18.)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club