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Coil Overs

In a message dated 96-08-25 10:39:28 EDT, you write:

<< Now the Bosch Platin plugs at $25-$30 each is something I cant see 
 buying, unless I could return them if not completly satisfied!! 
 Wondering if my ignition setup would "eat" them also. At $150 to start
 the I5, I can buy 150 Bosch silvers and have enough plugs to last for 
 six years. Figuring a change of plugs each 3K miles, thats 15K a year,
 5 changes a year, 25 plugs a year!
Bosch Jobber price on FD5POR's is less that 14ea, that would be prolly 15.00
 to u if you shopped it.........  Buy one, buy a platinum (kmart style) and
compare them.....  Doubt you will need to change them at 3k.....   Mike, had
someone given me one, I might work with a Jacobs ignition, too....  But,
since the cost is the high side of 500.00, me thinks that 500.00 would be
much better spent a lot of other places than a basically good stock ignition
system, and any tweek should first be evaluated on a bang-4-bux protocol....
 Mike,  would you agree?

I'm not sure there are any significant gains to the Jacobs system...
 Thinkin:  Why, other than the fact one got it at no charge, would one
recommend it as a performance upgrade?   For that same money one could
acquire a cam or a two piece exhaust manifold (ok 600) or a larger exhaust
system or  head work or EH of the intake manifold or a larger cold side for
the turbo or larger IC, not to mention (and already assuming) a chip....
  All of which, I would proport, give gains exponentially for the dollar in
comparison....     Not meaning to totally flame (out) the Jacobs system, and
certainly haven't been in an audi car that had it operating functionally, but
I did try to understand it before I ripped the first one out....  A  tech
call to Jacobs made me think that the volume of sales predicated the need for
technical customer service.....  The good Dr was certainly not available,
which is fine, but the 3 different technical incompetents they managed to
connect me to had not a clue as to what and how this thing did anything, I
even got the excuse that 5 cyl were not "their" business market?!?!  

Bosch makes an excellent coil....  And more than a few excellent plugs....
 Mike has been one of the few that got the Jacobs to work on the I5, tho 3k
on plugs, regardless of their content, doesn't indicate everything is totally
right, IMO....   As the absolute last performance upgrade (maybe) a Jacobs
might be considered, me I'd argue that few are at that stage, not even the
$$k 5ktq of Carl Jerritts, or even Ned Ritchie's Beast - 2 q's that really
set the hi-performance standard, neither with Jacobs installed (Jerritts in
then out)...  Hmmmm, makes ya think ....  Please do correct me if you might
be at that stage....


87 5ktqRS2 stage V, custom Lehmann computer 2 chips, 3in exh + a coupla mods
87 5ktqRS2 stage III, IA stage II