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I'm bushed,

Bob and I were talking at Lime Rock about this stuff.  I mentioned harder rubber
bushings.  I don't know if they exist for the Audi.

I import and sell hard rubber for the merkur. They are made by Ford for
motorsport use.  Have the same part # as stock too. Just harder.

They last longer, are always quiet and work.  Never need grease.

  The urethanes everybody else has creak and groan in cold weather.  They get
"egged" out after a year or so and chatter around their bushing.

But I'm often told that "they cost more than urethane.  I'm on a budget". So
they go off and get urethanes from someone else.  I don't sell 'em. I can't help
that they cost more.  They are better and they cost what they cost.  If you buy
eurathane you will replace them sooner than rubber.  BTDT