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Re: S4 boost gauge prob.

Finally got the  VDO boost guage installed under the driver's side air vent
to the left of the turn signal switch. Easy to see, unobtrusive, no knee
Turn on the car, drive, hear and feel the turbo, but guage reads 0!
It turned out that the vacuum line to the condensor was off, so the ECU
didn't know about the boost. Once fixed I get 19PSI at overboost/full
throttle briefly (which is about 2.3 Bar absolute). 
What did this do in terms of fuel mixture? Was I running so lean that harm
may have been done?
Yes the top speed of the car definitely went up after vacuum leak was fixed.
In conclusion, I recommend a boost gauge to all S4/6 owners who don't have
one, since it lead to the diagnosis, so to speak.


Jonathan Fenton
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3