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Intermittent Boost

In message <960825104919_268211349@emout09.mail.aol.com> PDQSHIP@aol.com writes:

>>  It would be fairly easy to design a circuit to monitor the duty cycle,
>>  and even easier to devise an alarm that would be triggered by
>>  non-operation of the valve after n seconds of the "full load" switch
>>  being on.  The cycle changes with air temperature and pressure, of
>>  course.

> A good and cheap indicator would be to install an LED for the WG solenoid...

That's not really what was occupying my mind.  I'd like to know what others 
think of this as a potential monitoring/diagnostic technique.  The LED's easy - 
my questions are:

a) Is this potentially a way of monitoring for things such as hose and 
   intercooler damage, and turbo vane damage, before the consequences of either 
   produce much more serious damage/symptoms?  I.e., would it work and deliver
   useful results?

b) If it does, is there a way we can (easily and cheaply) establish 
   benchmarks for the duty cycles in all of Audi's servo boost implementations?

I'm going to be discussing this at the UK quattro Club's September meetings, 
and I'll run it past the experts at BRM on Wednesday.  They have quite a few 
cars hanging around, and a stunning "instant fab" capability. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club