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Re: Painting over "chrome" trim strips...

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> to their car and, if so, how and has it held up?  The bodyshop that's doing
> the work on my car says they don't really recommend doing this for a street
> driven car (versus a show car) because they claim it's difficult to get the
> paint to adhere properly and it will eventually chip and pit ... of course,
> if that's what I want (it is) and I'm willing to pay for it (I am), they'll
> do it but I figured getting another opinion first might not be a bad idea.

Hi Jeff,

Your paint guy is correct. I wanted to do the same thing to my car (not an
Audi) when I painted it this past winter. I got the same advice from the
shop and decided to leave the chrome as is. I did however see a Volvo at
another shop that was being painted completely white, even the plastic
bumper shocks... it wasn't pretty. I have seen a couple cars on the road
that had the chrome 'blacked' out and ALL of them had some chipping, some
really bad.

My paint guy said that to get the paint to adhere to the chrome, first the
chrome has to be scuffed with steel wool and secondly the paint must be
mixed rather thick, almost like glue coming out of the spray gun for it to
stick to the chrome.

Bottom line... I'd pass, if I were you. 

- Naresh
... who may get an Audi if he can't get 'old faithful' running.