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Re: A4Q vs BMW 328i

Carl Cox writes:
> I want
> the A4 (build quality, Quattro, comfort) but don't want to regret the
> low power feeling that we noticed against the 328i.

You are on the quattro list so expect some biased answers :-)

The 328i does have a 18hp advantage over the A4Q, but the A4Q
has quattro... in my opinion the all wheel drive should be a far
more important factor.  Moreover, keep in mind that Audi engines
are very tight when new, so your test drive impressions may be
slightly skewed.  My A4Q loosened up nicely after a couple of
thousand miles, and feels quite different than when it was new.

I found that the A4Q has a very long throttle pedal travel.
You really need to step it in pretty far to get some
acceleration.  That in itself may give a feeling that
the car is not ultra responsive.  But the car does accelerate
with authority once the throttle is fully open.

>From the experiences posted by others on this list, the Schaumburg
throttle body modification may give you the throttle response
you want on your A4Q.

When it comes to interior styling and quality, there is no contest.
The A4 is leagues better.

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