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Minimal Audi Content

The good Psycho Bob <honge@creighton.edu>said:

RE: the key battery - pull it out, go to Radio Shack, buy a 
common replacement.  No sweat, nothing exotic.  Exercise fini.

[comments about news cars being negligible polluters snipped but 
heartily endorsed and agreed with...]

> The murcury (or whatever) can be solved by proper recyling program at the
> residential level -- taking them out is not a solution. My Sennheiser
> microphone need one of those mercury batteries -- and there's no
> replacement in alkaline (or whatever) equivalent. Technically this is
> suppose to be not available -- and I found that out at Radio Shack. But I
> found it's available at most electronics, photographic, and battery store.

I also have the Sennheiser system (must be a K3U) that Bob comments 
about.  The batteries were German, made by Varta, and went out of 
production two or so years ago.  Actually, I can understand why 
Mercury batteries can be done away with...if there are alternatives 
which are less polluting.  They may ship directions with batteries as 
to where to mail them for disposal, but they're playing with 
themselves...few of us (and this includes me) will ship a $3 penlight 
battery anywhere for disposal.  I gotta trash can they fit in just 
fine, along with the alkaline batteries I toss in there.  But if I 
don't have the mercury in the battery, it never goes in there!

Hey, Bob - you can also power that Sennheiser by stacking Radio Shack 
button batteries and  putting heat-shrink over them to make a small 
battery pack.   Fits right in the hole and works great.  Email me and 
I'll run down the hall and send you the battery number.  If you have 
a one-p[iece battery which works, email me that number, wontcha??

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