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Re: Quattro List Identification

On Aug 26, 10:26am, Linkov, Jon wrote:
> Subject: RE: Quattro List Identification
> On the wave thing-
> On my trip home on Rt 206 each evening in NJ, I have had ONE
> wave returned to me.....from a V8q.  On other roads, only 2
> A4q owners either nodded or waved.

Well, Jon, I haven't seen you yet, but I'm a waving A4 pilot.
And I'm on 202/206 in the Bedminster area often.  Green A4Q,
Bernardsville Audi plate frames, Zymol shine!

I know what you mean about feeling silly when people don't
return your waves, though.  Just last night, I'm cruising
down the new part of Route 278 (aka North Jersey Autobahn),
and I see a blond in a LeBaron convertable, with a dive
flag sticker on her bumper.  Wanting to identify myself as
a fellow scuba-er, as I passed I did the big hand-on-the-head
"OK" sign.

Not a single reaction.  Of course, she probably thought I
was just picking lice out of my hair or something...

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q