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Re: Opinions on ski-racks

At 09:00 AM 8/25/96 +0000, Greg Spark <sparkg@wave.co.nz> wrote:
>I have had two Thule racks, the first with traditional ski-racks. This kit was
>used for 6 years and still looks as good as new. As for the strength of the 
>cross bars, if you load them enough to bend them, the roof loading is way over
>maximum for the car.

i, too, have had good luck w/ a thule rack w/ various ski attachments
including a coffin.  no problems, over a long period of time, heavy (winter)
usage, on vw gti & isuzu trooper...

>The huge advantage of the box is that it takes loads of extra gear, allowing
>us to go on a skiing holiday with 4-5 people in an A4. Can also be used for
>non-skiing vacations.
i agree, the boxes are great for holding loads of stuff.  but 4-5 people in
an a4!?!?!  you must take short trips!!!