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Re: Bad wiper motor, naughty wiper motor

   In the attempt to track down and kill the electrical gremlins that infested my
   Why the fuse didn't blow is anyone's guess.  Maybe it was just drawing 14.9

Y'all should bear in mind that fuses being fuses, they must be so con-
structed to support "100%" of rated load indefinitely. As such, they
will typically support "200%" of rated load for a damn long time . . .
(and get bloody hot in the process!)

Fuses protect against catastropic shorts in the circuit, like where
you're trying to draw "10,000%" of rated current. 

Fuses do NOT protect components (such as wiper motors, light bulbs,
etc.), they protect the power supply (which includes -- in theory,
anyways -- the wiring, connectors ["plugs" and "sockets" and the like])
from aberrent components/conditions.