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Re: ipd

Arun adds:
> On Aug 26,  9:03am, Steve Powers wrote:
> > Subject: ipd
> > These cars were 850s. Turbocharged, 5 cylinder models. Claimed a sub
> > 6 second time for the sedan after the mods (0 - 60 mph). I'd be
> > awfully skeptical of this.
> 	Well, don't be.  Even the stock 850 Turbo is quite a beast - just
> 	yesterday, I was surprised by a wagon (two kids in the third
> 	seat waving, your complete stereotype) pulling away from me in
> 	my 200Q going *uphill*.  It's usually me that's doing the
> 	pulling away ...
> 	Yeah, I know, I know -- different story in the wet etc. etc.. But
> 	still ...

I have driven the 850 Turbo wagon (w/ traction control) and own the S6
wagon (w/ EDL and AWD). IMHO, the S6 is faster under any conditions.
I will admit that the 850 I drove was a slush-o-matic, but I didn't
think the 850 compared all that favorably power-wise. Strong, yes,
but the Audi was _way_ stronger. Like you said, in the wet there's
even a bigger difference.

I think you encountered a modified car. I also don't know how strong the
200 is compared to the S6.

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