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Re: Painting over "chrome" trim strips...

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Jeff asqued:
>>  thinking about having the plastic trim  painted to match the car 
>> the other trim, I'd like to  paint it semi-flat black to match the door
handles ... 

Graydon shared:
>my father  blacked out all chrome with a semi-gloss black plastic  tape. 
He tried a bunch of different >things, and the tape came out the  best.  It
was a fairly flexible tape, about 1.5" wide, and required a > hair dryer to
help form it over some of the compound curves of some of  the trim pieces. 

Huw butts in...
Yes, as much as tape seems kludgey, I have a tendency to paint out my chrome
headlight trims (and want to do the trim on my coupe like you suggest) but
they get chipped and, while looking better than shiny silver (ugh!) don't
have that "I just painted my car" quality.  I have to paint this winter or
so, I may try epoxies as Graydon suggests.  Too much work to tape?

And also asks:
I am also (cringe) going to remove the half baked bumper extensions that
come around the side of the car.  They're not as well integrated as the
later years, and just serve to dent the sheet metal if _they_ get hit by
something... And so what am I going to do to make the bumper ends pretty? 
Can anyone suggest how to fabricate neat little cups or caps? TIA

82 cgt