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RE: Oil Filter

From:  Mike Kofal[SMTP:mkofal@csn.net]
Sent:  Monday, August 26, 1996 1:10 PM
To:  Royal,Paul; 'QUATTRO'
Subject:  Oil Filter

No problem with the FRAM...I have put 250,000+ miles on last 2 cars using   
them exclusively.
A check valve is better....it keeps the oil from draining back through   
the filter backwards and keeps more of the oil where it belongs (short   
answer).  Think about the check valve as a "possible" advantage worth   
spending a couple of bucks for.
Think about changing your own oil though:)

|  Third, OK...OK...I now use the original equipment Audi oil filter with   


| check valve...I'm the FRAM bastard, remember?  Is Mann supposed to be   

| better or same?

Whoops!  I just bought a used '92 CS100Q and took it down to one of the
local quick lube services for an oil change.  What should I know about   

oil filter?  What does the check valve do?  Assuming they put a basic
Fram filter on, should I immediately go to the dealer and get one with
the check valve?  What would happen if I didn't?