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Re: Wheels/tires revisited

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bob D'Amato say:

> I made some calls today for my Borbet Type C's in 16" for my 20V. I need 
> tire size 205/45-16 which SEVERLY limits my choices in tires. Here's what 
> Im stuck with:
> Dunlop Sport 8000
> Conti CV91
> P0
> P700
> P7000
> Yok AVS Intermediate.
> IMHO NONE of these are good tires. Am I screwed? Should I just go with 
> stock 15"? Recommendations?

My friend with a Euro-M5 swears by his Dunlop SP8000s. They don't do
snow, however.... Same for the P7000.

The Continentals are mediocre, probably not what you're going for.

As for the Borbets, I love them. I had a set of the type C on my 100Q 
for 2 days. The offset was wrong, and they rubbed a lot in the back,
so I returned them. This is just a note to make sure you check the
required offset.


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