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G-tech Pro performance meter

     I just bought a G-tech pro this weekend. I thought some of you might 
     be interested in what it can do. 
     0-60 times,
     60-0 braking (feet)
     1/4 time and terminal speed,
     accelerating and breaking G's,
     lateral G's both sustained and peak, 
     Road horsepower
     cost: $140 
     web page:www.gtechpro.com
     Its smaller than most radar detectors and just plugs into the 
     cigarette lighter. 
     supposedly a better device than the far more expensive Varicom unit.
     So far it seems to work pretty well, is easy enough to use and the 
     measurements are pretty close to what I'd expect for my car and its 
     modifications. However I haven't tested it against any other device. 
     Perhaps I'll take it out to the dragstrip this week to get an idea of 
     its consistency and accuracy. Even if its not totally true to 
     "real-world" measures It probably provides some quantifying measure 
     for comparing changes made (e.g. does the K&N really help?).
     Anyway, I have no personal interest/relationship with the 
     manufacturer. Just a satisfied customer.
     Rod Wiggins