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Cooling off in East Overshoe, VT

Many thanks to R. Justin and Dave Head and to additonal listers. (I sent the
cal from help last night at 10:30 and had responses from R. Justin and Dave
at 06:30 this AM.  May the Audi Gods shine down upon you and bless you with
4.7 bar boost.)

 The problem was overheating on a 1990 200 tqs.  Both pointed me to
electrical components in the path to the fan.  Not only found the problem
but learned something worth passing on.  I found the 80 amp fuse (strip of
fus-able material with spade lugs on both ends, connected in a small
terminal box on the driver's side, outer panel on the engine compartment.)
Looked solid, not fused, no obvious meltdown, but the trusty VOM showed
13.5vdc on one terminal and nuttin' on the other  terminal.  Though it might
be corrosion, so removed both Phillips head screws.  The fuse strip fell
beneath my  grasping fingers in two pieces.  Note that the break between the
two peices was not due to over-amperage, heat, etc.  It simply got "tired."  

Puzzled me some, it sure did.  Talked to Fred Bye-Jesus Flodhopper, our
local anointed Audi specialist, minister and dairy farmer.  (Fred *does*
Audis,  Cows and Souls, dependin' on the time of day and the day of the
week, don't cha know?)  Well, Mista--we kicked around the new women school
marm that just come up from Boston and whetha Emanuel  Up the Lane Near the
Old Kline Fram  would eveah get to a courtin hea,  sat a spell lettin that
soak in,  commented that the rain ain't came quite yet, then drifted into
this heah fuse-thing and Fred told me, flat out, that he seen them fuse
things simple break apart without no reason.  Didn't melt, were't flexed
none--jist "roted out" said Fred.

Now you know.  Carry an 80 amp fuse in the glove compartment.  Best twenty
cents you ever spent.

Thanks gang,