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RE: member id

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>mike miller's $.02. :
>Whatever we agree to should provide the viewer with the ability to join our
 "group"; ie, display the >website address. Hopefully, the dealers would not
 find out about us and start reading these >informational postings and
actually  learn how to fix our cars right the first time!!!

1.  I thought this was just so we could tell if someone else was a lister...
.(While flying by at 80 mph) Any mouse potato can find the web site with a
search can't they?  And any Audi fanatic will search over and over for
related info till they find it (Like I did).

2.  And what is the matter with the dealers being able to fix their product
properly?  These aren't secrets we're sharing, it's useful info.  Most of
these problems are mysteries to all until someone somewhere figures them out
.  Then shouldn't everyone gain by their being solved?

and my latest headache.. How to let "new" listers know what to do to ID the
themselves and others en route?  
91 200q

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Huw here again.  I seem to be warming to the idea of using a "Q" flag to
identify ourselves.

I don't seem to have one in any reference works here.  Would someone find
one and describe it please?

The elegance is that each driver can pick their own mode of displaying the
"Q" flag.  A sticker, a magnet, a flag in the rear window, a painted license
plate frame, paint the entire car, whatever each person does we'll all know
what they mean!

I'll still of course yield to anyone who makes a bunch of static see through
"Q" logos... but I could buy a yachting sticker tomorrow... or paint my
plate frame.


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