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4-5 people in an A4! (was opinions on ski racks)

> From: Jerry Pretti <jpretti@mariners.com>

> >The huge advantage of the box is that it takes loads of extra gear, allowing
> >us to go on a skiing holiday with 4-5 people in an A4. Can also be used for
> >non-skiing vacations.
> >
> i agree, the boxes are great for holding loads of stuff.  but 4-5 people in
> an a4!?!?!  you must take short trips!!!

Actually we travelled about 2000 miles and the back seat WAS a bit tight 
widthwise with 5 on board. But we will only very rarely have 5 up again now 
that our oldest is leaving home.

4 up is fine as long as the front people aren't too tall. My wife and I are 
5ft6in which leaves enough room for rear passengers.

The A4 is NOT a car to buy if you are over 6ft and regularly have rear seat

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Tq