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Chris Palmer wrote:
>> Performance figures I found were for 0-100 kph: Audi 5.9/Volvo 6.7 sec.
>> Both figures were attributed to the respective manufacturer. The Volvo
>> figure was for a wagon, but the S6 figure was for the sedan.

>Audis North American sales brochure for the S6 claims 0-60 as 6.1 (sedan)
>and 6.5 (wagon).

Although ligher, the Volvo suffers excessively from front wheelspin off the 
line (so much for traction control).  The S6/S4 benefits from higher torque 
and 4wd, with the clutch being a limiting factor off the line (don't like to 
smell *that* sucker burning!).  By the time the S6 gets through  a couple 
corners, the Volvo is fading in the rear view mirror.

Doug Haley
"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced 
technology, and magic"  A.C.Clarke

'92 S4 (mine)
'95 Saab Turbo Conv (hers)
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'61 Alfa Giulietta Spider Veloce  (ours)