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Re: what holds the driveshaft nut tight?

> I recently replaced the passenger side front bearing and hub on
> an '86 4000S (1.8L).  I followed the instructions in my Haynes
> manual and torqued the driveshaft nut to approximately 170 ft*lbs.
> I'm wondering what keeps the driveshaft nut from coming loose?
> There is no cotter pin to keep it in place like on other FWD cars
> I have seen.

Shouldn't it be locktited in place? As I recall when I took apart my old car, it
did have red thread locking compound on it. I put the nut back on and it
wouldn't tighten up the play in the bearing. Ended up that the old locktite was
not cleaned off the threads and was preventing the nut from screwing all the way

Had to take it back off and clean the threads with a wire brush, put new locking
compound back on and tightened it right up.


91 200q

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