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UK Quattro List

In message <01BB9449.40867E20@rossp.netmania.co.uk> Philip Ross writes:

> I notice that you have recently started contributing to the quattro list.  

Recently restarted would be better.  I was here before, but I suffer a lot 
from the Demon bounces and Dan's code kept un$ubscribing me.

> I have been a subscriber for a few years and have often thought it would be 
> good to have such a list in the UK.  I recently suggested this to David 
> Preece and he said he would be discussing it with the committee.  I think 
> it would be useful to be able to discuss UK issues and suppliers rather 
> than predominantly American ones.   What do you think of such a venture?

Aw, shucks, these good people don't seem to mind us crashing their party.  
There's actually a great deal more in common between US and European vehicles 
than there is different.  The transmission and bodywork issues are identical.

> Is there any way that we could  survey QOC members to judge how many have
> e-mail?

It's now on the membership renewal form.  We will see.  I have already opened 
our BBS to UK quattro Club members (01536-723021) but there isn't much on there.

> Finally, I have a problem with my WR engine quattro which I have been
> wasting a lot of time and money trying to sort out.  After hard acceleration 
> in any gear followed by a change into a higher gear, the car begins to 
> misfire under continued acceleration.  I'm not sure if this is connected 
> but it also stalls after hard braking to a standstill and refuses to 
> restart for up to a minute.  So far I have replaced injectors, fuel filter, 
> coil, spark plugs and removed wastegate pipe from manifold to check for 
> blockage (ie overboosting), but none of these methods have solved the 
> problem. 

What colour are the plugs/exhaust?  Lean or rich?  Does it also stumble if you 
reverse uphill with full lock on.

> I may have to drive down to BRM or someone who has a rolling road to get to 
> the bottom of this.

BR Motorsport _has_ a rolling road, but only a two-wheel one.  They're on 
CompuServe at 101532,3316 and on Pipex at aa016@dial.pipex.com

 Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club