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a couple of questions

Hi Audi gurus.

Have a couple of questions:

I will start with the stupid one (pardon me for this one, but then
I have never done it before, hence my ignorance)

Where do u clean the brake dust off ? is it the wheel caps or the wheels 
themselves ? if it is the wheel caps, does it affect the performance of 
the car besides making it look slightly unclean ? and if it is the wheels, 
that seems some amount of work (i presume u need to take the tire off to 
get to the wheels) if it has to be done every 15 days as the Audi manual 
says. How frequently do u need to do it ?

now for something interesting -
I have an 88 90Q - 5 spd. When I put the car into second gear, the stick 
shift vibrates visibly. Sometimes, though rarely, this does not happen 
and the stick seems fine. In this position(non-vibrating), the stick seems 
to be resting in a position that is slightly off compared to what it 
normally ends up in. Any ideas on cause/solution ?

is it usual for the trip computer switch to get hot ?

the fan seems to work strangely. In the supposedly OFF position, I can 
still feel a draft of air(Is this usual ?) Also when I turn the switch 
thru positions 1-3, I can notice no change in the behavior of the fan, 
i.e. I can still feel the same draft as in the OFF position. And then 
in position 4(the last position), it comes on in its full glory. Any ideas
what I can do to find determine the problem ?

finally, how good is amsoil's claim of 6month/25,000 mile no-change on 
their synthetic oil and filter ? I do remember someone mentioning that
their oil filters are way superior, but are they good enough for 25000mi
Is there any way(non-destructive), one can tell if the filter needs to 
be changed ?

help thanx  (= thanx for help in ADVANCE ;)