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90 cooling system questions

Hi all...

I'm gonna change the thermostat on my 90 here in the next few weeks.  Just
wondering if it is possible to do this w/o removing the power steering pump?
This job might be slightly different than on a 5kX, etc.; my 90 (2.3 NG
engine) has no bomb and therefore uses a different, smaller hydraulic pump
solely for the steering rack.  It still looks pretty tight in there, however...

Also, the reason I'm changing my thermostat is that last winter my temp
gauge seemed to read extremely low on cold days...sometimes, while driving
on the highway, never making it out of the 'C' marks at the bottom of its
travel.  This was even after a new multi-function switch was installed.
Where should the gauge read during the winter; i.e., at what point on the
gauge does the thermostat open??  TIA!

Chris Lemon                   
Ph.D. student/Audi head      
Binghamton, NY, USA