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Ozo Bushings

The "new style" bushings, have a special rubber compound in them, to
deter aging from the elements. I have had a set on my Coupe GT for two 
years now, and their still tight.
 While I was rebuilding the motor last summer I had the lower sub frame
removed and it sat in the summer sun for a month.  The bushings
showed no ill effects, or toughning.(New style bushings)
On my 90, I needed to replace the drive wheel side(RH) bushings.
So I decided to do all four.  My method of removal involves drilling
around the bushing to remove the attaching rubber, removing the inner 
bushing(core) and using an air hammer to remove the outer steel 
While drilling the rubber, I noticed its quite tough, even to the drill.
Especially compared to the rubber of a tire(I drilled thru a old bad 
spare I had) of the same age. The rubber in the bushings also has a much 
different "smell" (while drilling) than the tire.
What ever they put in those bushings(New Style) seems to work well.
I think carbon is an important ingred. in rubbers toughness.