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Re: Q-list Identification

On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Michael Shields wrote:

> I'd also like to keep it small and subtle.  Audis are not Camaros;
> understatement is very important.  Those in the know can look in the
> upper left rear window, or wherever the standard location is, and easily
> see whether a coimbra sticker is there or not.  That's all you need;
> we're not recruiting and don't need it to stand out.
> -- 

I'm with Mike. Oh, and BTW, in the year or so that the Volvo list has had
decals available (and some 350 or so are out there) I've *never* seen
another car on the road with one. It is *highly* unlikely that you'll see
someone else with a decal, given the relative lack of Audi market

It sure is a conversation starter, tho... ;-)

Lee Levitt