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CD changer for A4

Hi all,
I bought an A4Q recently, and I wanted to get a cd player for the car
(it has the bose stero). I asked the dealer what the cost was and he
quoted me $800!! This past weekend while I was at Seattle International
Raceway (wheeehew! thats another story!)  for a driving school, I ran
into another A4Q owner who had gotten the cd installed from the dealer
(he made them throw it in extra, since they didnt have his color car). I
looked at the 6-disc changer he had, and later went Circut City looking
for the indentical looking model. As far as I could tell, the model they
installed into the car was the Alpine 601 6-disc cd changer (~$380). The
guy at Circut City said that I would also need an adapter even thought
the car is prewired (the listing in the adapter catalog for the A4 was
there, but it didnt have a price for the adapter since the car is so
new). I am wondering what experience anyone has had with adding a cd
player that integrates into the existing deck. Also, can anyone confirm
that the "audi" brand cd player for the A4 is indeed the Alpine 601?