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Re: Q-list Identification

   > BTW, we decided *not* to put a complete internet address on the decal,
   > mostly to keep people from sending useless mail, but also for space
   > reasons.
   > Here's a coupla possibilities:
   > 	quattro@coimbra
   > 	quattro@internet
   > 	q-list@internet

   I would definitely vote for quattro@coimbra -- "@internet" is just too
   cliche, especially with the at-sign.

   I'd also like to keep it small and subtle.  Audis are not Camaros;
   understatement is very important.  Those in the know can look in the
   upper left rear window, or wherever the standard location is, and easily
   see whether a coimbra sticker is there or not.  That's all you need;
   we're not recruiting and don't need it to stand out.

To me, using a partial address is pointless. Why not "qua@coi.anet" for

As to what I would like, sheesh, I dunno . . . graphics/art-work is not
my forte! How about the four rings, only "Q"s instead? with a smaller
full internet address on the bottom? (Well, having complained, I felt I
was honor-bound to at least propose something...)