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Re: Gee Meters

Vericom makes a q mile computer as well, and for suspensions the g-analyst is
a good tool....  The error factors of putting an analyst in the car aren't
really that important, was is important is repetition...  These things are
very accurate unto themselves, that is to say, once you set up the same
perameters for your car with the same mounting placement, any of these
computers can tell you if you are going in the right direction with
tweeks....  Both AutoWeek and C&D tested the g-analyst and the Vericom
against their big bux equipment and found the g-analyst to be the most
accurate, and Vericom to be very close to actual 1/4mile measurements....  I
have not seen any documentation on Paul's unit, but the conversions of
acceleration forces can calculate a lot of things....  Useful tools for all
ex- seat of the pants tweekers....