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Re: Wheels for '86 4Q

We have a set of Borbet wheels.....the 5 spoke....on our 5000CSQ.....the 
car is bright red and with the silver wheels......oh, Baby....we get 
stopped cuz it looks so awesome....my kids say it's a babe catcher at the 
beach......Tire Rack has done business with us as racers for quite some 
time.....I don't have them shave tires, but I have bought street tires 
and wheels from them quite often......They are great and tell them RST 
Performance sent you.  That's us...

>       Okay two more questions and I promise this will be the end of this
> string.  Number one, I've heard good things about Tire Rack from this group,
> is this the general concensus?  Number two how do the Audi gods feel about
> Borbet and OZ wheels, are they worthy of being on a Q?  Again guys and gals,
> thanks.
> Rob 
> ' 86 4KCSQ
> ' 71 AAR CUDA