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Re: what holds the driveshaft nut tight?

Loctite is a good idea, but the truth is that the nut is a crimped lock nut.
You should really replace it with a new one each time.  If you get a bearing
or CV boot KIT, you should get a new nut in it.  If not, they can be had at
the dealer for around $3.


At 12:52 PM 8/27/96 EDT, you wrote:
>> I recently replaced the passenger side front bearing and hub on
>> an '86 4000S (1.8L).  I followed the instructions in my Haynes
>> manual and torqued the driveshaft nut to approximately 170 ft*lbs.
>> I'm wondering what keeps the driveshaft nut from coming loose?
>> There is no cotter pin to keep it in place like on other FWD cars
>> I have seen.
>Shouldn't it be locktited in place? As I recall when I took apart my old
car, it
>did have red thread locking compound on it. I put the nut back on and it
>wouldn't tighten up the play in the bearing. Ended up that the old locktite was
>not cleaned off the threads and was preventing the nut from screwing all
the way
>Had to take it back off and clean the threads with a wire brush, put new
>compound back on and tightened it right up.
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