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I Got One!

Hi All

Well I have finally made it.  I am now a member of small but excellent
group of people who own an Audi Quattro Turbo Coupé!  I have just purchased
a 1984 Ur q.  It is in White (I don't yet know the Audi description of
which White) with Brown Cloth interior.

It is in remarkably good condition to say that it is 12 years old.  The
body and interior are unmarked, Rust is VERY minor as it has been dipped in
preservtive at some point.  The engine is dirty, but sounds, feels and runs
OK.  The Suspension and brakes however show its age, most of the rubber
bushes need replacing,  all 4 wheels seem to be unaligned and the brakes
need a good overhaul.  It only reports 74,000 miles, which seems to be
borne out by the engine and interior condition.

Overall, it is a good basis for the project of rebuilding and restoring.  I
paid a good price of about half its UK value in good condition and I am
very happy with it so far.

OK  I recently saw lots of postings to the list regarding the merits of
having or not having the "Bomb" connected in the braking system.  At the
time I assumed you where all refering to the Vacuum Servo which is to be
found on most European cars.  However the Urq has a braking system served
by what I assume has to be a "Bomb".  As there is no manual available in
the UK for Quattros I cannot fathom how this thing works.  I know it is
pressurised by the Power Steering Pump in some way, but I have not yet been
able to fathom how this is used to power the Brakes.  Can anybody give me a
run down on how this system works and how I can check that it is working
correctly etc..?  Also where is the Font/Rear Bias valve?  How can this be

TIA :-)

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