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Re: Sticky clutch (Problem found!)

On Wed, 28 Aug 1996 08:46:38 -0500 Luis A Marques wrote:

>Thanks to all that responded about my clutch problem.  Yesterday
>afternoon I spent some time looking under the dash for a possible broken
>return spring, as some of you suggested.  What I found was that the hole
>in the pedal where it joins with the pushrod is very worn and now looks
>like an oval, causing a LOT of play in the joint.  (I guess that also
>means that the clutch is barely disengaging.)

Are you sure that is what the problem is??  I don't see how the clevis pin
hole could wear to such a point which would cause that much free play in the

I have the same problem with my clutch: there is about an inch or so of
freeplay in the pedal before you can "feel" the pressure.  I've checked the
system out pretty thoroughly and have narrowed it down to either the master
cylinder is on its way out or there is air/moisture in the system.  I have
not been able to verify the later because I cannot bleed the damn thing; the
slave bleeder screw is in such a bad spot I can't even get a wrench around
it (sound familiar Dan??).

Chris Lemon                   
Ph.D. student/Audi head      
Binghamton, NY, USA