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Re: ISO 90Q wagon info

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jeff Loh say:

>      Anyway, he's interested in finding an Audi 90Q wagon. Being a
>      newbie to Audi, I defer to the gurus on this list for details.
>      I've seen (once or twice) 90 wagons, but does anyone know if
>      there is a Q (TQ?) version? CSQ?

I've never seen an 80/90 wagon at all, just a 100/200/5000/A6. Are
you sure this is what you saw?

>      Also, I've noticed that the fuel pump whines a fair bit on my
>      '88. Is that common? I'll try calling AUDI N.A. for any recall
>      information.

Usually this is a sign of impending failure. Replace it at your
convenience. When it stops, your car stops, too.


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