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RE: S6 vs. Volvo 850 Turbo R (was Re: ipd)

But isn't the max torque on the 20v turbo engines achieved with some
sort of loading up of the engine to get it at 1950rpm? It sure doesn't
feel like 227ft. lbs. at 1950 when I accelerate from a dead stop.
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<< Engine performance was comparable. The Volvo had less than 6% more
 horsepower at the expense of torque. It had more than 14% less torque.
 Audi: 227 bhp/258 lb-ft  vs. Volvo 240 bhp/221 lb-ft. Torque gets
 you off the line, horsepower gives you top speed. >>

Just as important as the maximum torque is the rpm level at which it
The S6 achieves maximum torque at 1,950 rpm, then holds it constant
about 4,500.  That is torque from scarcely above idle, all the way
the mid-range.  That's plenty of oomph and right off the line.