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Re: I Got One!

Hi Ian,

Congratulations on your new beast.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  Regarding
your question about the bomb, hopefully someone with much more knowledge
will also respond but I'll introduce the subject.

As you've seen, the urQ uses hydraulic pressure for the steering and the
brake booster.  The pressure for both comes from the hydraulic pump.  The
bomb is a pressure accumulator.  It continues to provide assisted stops
even if the pump has failed or the engine is stopped.

The discussion on this list should be thought of as boosted versus
non-boosted brakes.  If you completely disconnect your brake booster,
you'll have much heavier pedal effort but presumably a better feel.  If you
plan to maintain your boosted brakes, you need to keep the bomb.  Note that
at least one proponent of this appoach uses Cool Carbon pads with a much
higher coefficient of friction that normal pads.  That certainly would help
make up for the lack of assist.

One symptom of a failed bomb is best felt during an emergency stop.  You
jump on the brakes, and it feels as if they aren't working.  You press
REALLY hard, and a fraction of a second later the pressure builds up and
they lock up.  This is dangerous, and decidedly uncool.  If you only had a
fraction of a second to stop, this is also very hard on that perfect
sheetmetal you mentioned.

The regulator is that small thingy mounted to the firewall under the master
cylinder, and connected to it via metal tubing.

Good luck with your new toy.

>Well I have finally made it.  I am now a member of small but excellent
>group of people who own an Audi Quattro Turbo Coupé!


Can anybody give me a
>run down on how this system works and how I can check that it is working
>correctly etc..?  Also where is the Font/Rear Bias valve?  How can this be
>TIA :-)
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