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Audi Coupe Quattro Sport (fwd)

Hey listers... check this one out!  Anyone able to help this
gentleman?  :)   Gee, wish I had his problem  ;)

From: 72632.2653@compuserve.com ("Paul Quatrocelli") Date: 28 Aug 96
Originally To: <savidesn@audvid.win.net>

I am in the market for an Audi Coupe Quattro Sport.  I know the car was
produced for one year in the early 1980's.  Unfortunately a lot of people
are advertising their Ur-Quattro's as Sports.  It would save me some time
searching if I knew the exact year.  If you have any info re: the Quattro
Sports production and model year please drop me a line.
Paul Quatrocelli

REPLY TO:  72632.2653@compuserve.com

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