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More Calendar Stuff

Hey Y'all,

It's about time to be thinking about getting your 1997 Audi Calendar if you
want one.  

Earlier, my Audi contact at Ingolstadt, indicated that electronic forms of
the pictures for the calendar would possibly become available.  So far there
has been no further information supplied.  I'm still waiting for a response
to my latest fax to Ingolstadt.  I understand that my contact is presently
on vacation and will be back in another week or so.  At this point, if you
order a calendar, you are buying a pig in a poke.

Meanwhile...  If you would like to order a calendar please send a check for
$25US ALONG WITH YOUR SNAIL-MAIL INFO to me.  The address appears below.  
I am still holding several checks which came in earlier this summer.  Those
of you have already sent a check need do nothing else.

Please try to time things so that your check arrives here either before
September 8 or after September 15.  The better half and I are going on a
Caribbean cruise.  :-)  (No - quattro list calendar moneys are *not* funding
the cruise.  :-))

The actual cost of the calendar plus shipping may be a buck or so less than
the $25.  Any excess collections will be donated to Dan's engine fund.  (I
ain't making a cent on this project.)

*  Robert L. Myers         rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu>  *
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